Review: Malwarebytes Mobile for Android

Malwarebytes for Android

Malwarebytes is among the very best anti-malware programs for Windows PCs. It’s a tool I frequently put to use in my day job as an IT consultant, and it often saves the day for users with badly infected machines.

So I was excited when Malware Bytes Anti-Malware hit the Google Play store last October. I installed it on that first day it was available and for the last 6 months it has been a constant on all my Android devices – a Nexus 7 and 3 different phones. So I thought I’d share some thoughts on how great an app this is.


Malwarebytes Mobile (MBAM Mobile from here on out in this post) has a clear purpose: to protect your Android device from malware, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance. Here are some of its key features:

• Detects and eliminates malware, including spyware and Trojans
• Scans your apps for malicious code or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)
• Stops unauthorized access to your personal data
• Scans your Android device for security vulnerabilities
• Identifies applications that are tracking your location

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One Week with the LG G2 – Love this Phone


It’s been a week since I switched from an HTC One (GPE) to an LG G2, and I could not be any happier with the change. I am flat out loving the G2. Here’s just a few quick reasons why:

– It’s beautiful. Sorry, no other word better fits it. It is just a beautifully designed device. Light, great to hold and use and ever so handsome with its dark lines and lovely big screen.

– It’s super smooth, rock solid stable, and fast at everything I ask it to do .

– Battery life is amazing, easily the best I’ve seen on any of the smartphones I’ve used – iPhones or Androids. It’s coasting through a typical work day plus after work usage and sitting at around 60% most nights.

– The LG ‘skin’ is minimal and I’ve got it largely looking and feeling like a stock Android device easily in just a few days.

Not only is this phone a definite keeper for me, but it has also seriously reduced my lust for the Xperia Z2. Now I am thinking that I’ll likely look more at the LG G3 or maybe the next gen Nexus smartphone if it’s built by LG again.


Could the Windows Tablet Ads Be Any More Lame?

This whole series of ads for Surface tablets and Windows tablets and phones in general seem incredibly lame to me. All the actors are way over the top and obviously fake. The lines they have to speak are even worse. My quick reaction on all of them is Who talks like that? Oh, and who’s spotted anyone with one of these Windows tablets? I see tons of iPads all around. And plenty of Android smartphones and tablets too. Windows mobile devices – I can;t even remember the last time I saw one ‘in the wild’.


New Phone, LG G2 – First Impressions


Over the weekend I picked up a new phone – an LG G2 – at my local AT&T store. I’ve been itching for a new phone for a while now. My last 3 phones had all been Android (Galaxy Note 2, HTC One Google Play Edition, and a Nexus 5) and I have no desire to switch at the moment.

The Sony Xperia Z2 is the phone I’ve been most tempted by over recent months, but there seem to be a number of issues with its rollout and it seems like it may be a long time before its available in the US. I thought about getting the new HTC One M8, but in the end I chose the LG G2 because I really enjoyed the Nexus 5 which was made by LG and because it has a slightly bigger screen.

And after 4 days I couldn’t be any happier with the choice. I like just about everything about the LG G2 so far – and I thought I’d share some quick early impressions of it. Here they are in fairly random order:

Look & Feel

The LG G2 is a heck of a handsome phone. It looks a lot like the Nexus 5, though just a bit taller and a smidgen wider. Of course it’s got LG logos on its front and back. These are rendered at reasonable sizes and don’t detract from the clean look of the device. It’s extremely light but also feels very solid and nicely built – more solid than the Nexus 5 even I’d say.

It’s a phone that looks and feels so good you really don’t want to put a case on it, though I probably will eventually just out of fear of an untimely drop.

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No Sound in Chrome: The Easy Fix

Chrome has ben my favorite, and by far most used, browser for years now. So suddenly being without sound within Chrome is no fun at all. Sound stopped working for me on videos in Chrome several days ago, and I’d tried a few basic things to resolve it and had no luck. After a period […]

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Best Android Password Manager Apps

A good password manager app is pretty much an essential these days. We just have so many passwords to keep track of – work email, personal email, shopping sites like Amazon, cellular carrier and other sites where you can pay online, banking sites, and on and on. And we need somewhere secure to store these. […]

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