New Phone, LG G2 – First Impressions


Over the weekend I picked up a new phone – an LG G2 – at my local AT&T store. I’ve been itching for a new phone for a while now. My last 3 phones had all been Android (Galaxy Note 2, HTC One Google Play Edition, and a Nexus 5) and I have no desire to switch at the moment.

The Sony Xperia Z2 is the phone I’ve been most tempted by over recent months, but there seem to be a number of issues with its rollout and it seems like it may be a long time before its available in the US. I thought about getting the new HTC One M8, but in the end I chose the LG G2 because I really enjoyed the Nexus 5 which was made by LG and because it has a slightly bigger screen.

And after 4 days I couldn’t be any happier with the choice. I like just about everything about the LG G2 so far – and I thought I’d share some quick early impressions of it. Here they are in fairly random order:

Look & Feel

The LG G2 is a heck of a handsome phone. It looks a lot like the Nexus 5, though just a bit taller and a smidgen wider. Of course it’s got LG logos on its front and back. These are rendered at reasonable sizes and don’t detract from the clean look of the device. It’s extremely light but also feels very solid and nicely built – more solid than the Nexus 5 even I’d say.

It’s a phone that looks and feels so good you really don’t want to put a case on it, though I probably will eventually just out of fear of an untimely drop.

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No Sound in Chrome: The Easy Fix

Chrome No Sound Fix

Chrome has ben my favorite, and by far most used, browser for years now. So suddenly being without sound within Chrome is no fun at all. Sound stopped working for me on videos in Chrome several days ago, and I’d tried a few basic things to resolve it and had no luck.

After a period of being lazy and super busy and Insert More Excuses Here I finally got round to searching for a solution this morning. And I found a very simple and effective one – hurray.The video is by ProductionByNz.

The fix is easy and quick and involves disabling one Flash plugin and enabling another. If you’ve lost sound on videos in Chrome go watch this 1.5 minute video and you’ll be enjoying all those sweet video sounds again right away.

Check the video out below:


Chromecast Wins a 2013 Engadget Editors’ Choice Award

Google Chromecast

Google’s excellent Chromecast device has won one of the major awards in the 2013 Engadget Editors’ Choice Awards. It was chosen as Home Theater Product of the Year, and here’s a slice of the reasons why offered by Engadget’s Timothy J. Seppala:

Perhaps what stands out most, though, is its versatility. Beaming HBO Go, YouTube, Google Music and tabs from Chrome to your home theater is effortless.

I’ve been a big fan of Chromecast since it launched – in fact I bought three of them within about a month after its release. It’s nice to see it get this recognition from Engadget.

Other notable Engadget Award winners included the Sony PlayStation 4, the Nike FuelBand SE, and the iPad mini with Retina display as Best Tablet of the Year. I think the Retina iPad mini is a great and worthy choice, but I also believe the 2013 Nexus 7 should have been picked as a co-winner alongside the iPad.

The award for Worst Product of the Year went to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. So maybe The Next Big Thing hasn’t arrived just yet.


Wow – 2013 LTE Nexus 7 $49.99 at Verizon

2013 Nexus 7

Verizon currently has the 2013 Nexus 7 with LTE available for just $49.99 – with a two year agreement.

That’s one heck of a good deal on a heck of a good 7 inch tablet. This is a 32GB model with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a gorgeous 323 pixels per inch display. I’ve owned an AT&T 2013 Nexus 7 since the week it launched last summer and I put it to heavy use every day at work.

I happily recommend the Nexus 7 to anyone at its full price of $349, so needless to say getting it for 50 bucks is an incredibly good deal.

Check out this Verizon page for details – who knows how long this deal will lst.


Best Android Password Manager Apps

Dashlane Android password manager

A good password manager app is pretty much an essential these days. We just have so many passwords to keep track of – work email, personal email, shopping sites like Amazon, cellular carrier and other sites where you can pay online, banking sites, and on and on.

And we need somewhere secure to store these. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent options in this category. Some great apps that provide state of the art security and make it far easier and safer  to keep track of passwords than any paper-based method.  Joe Hindy posted a good rundown of some of the best password managers for Android at Android Authority this week. 

He covers 11 apps that are all worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a good password manager for your Android device. I’ve tried half a dozen of his picks and used 4 of them quite a lot. My favorite of the bunch is Dashlane. It has a nicer UI than many comparable apps and, even more impressive, keeps a nice UI across Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. I use it on all four platforms and it’s definitely one of my most useful mobile apps. I included it in my article on Killer Cross-Platform Apps.

What’s your favorite password manager app on Android or in general?


Kickstarter Passes 1 Billion in Pledges

Well this is some impressive news announced by Kickstarter today. The popular crowd-funding platform has surpassed $1 billion in pledges. Not too shabby at all for just under 5 years since it launched. Here are a couple of more impressive numbers Kickstarter shared today: – The $ 1 billion was pledged by more than 5.5 […]

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