How To Reboot and Factory Reset a Chromecast

Chromecast Setup

Chromecast is the cool new dongle / service for streaming videos and other content to and HDTV from a Chrome browser and Android and iOS apps. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I continue to be impressed with it.

It’s incredibly simple and quick to setup, costs just $35, and is quickly gaining support from a number of leading content providers – like Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Vimeo, and Pandora. It was already supported out of the box by Netflix and YouTube.

It’s also very easy to do a reboot or a factory reset on the Chromecast if they’re ever needed to resolve any problems with it. Here’s how:

— Open the Chromecast app on an Android device. It’s a free download in the Google Play Store and there should soon be a free iOS app available too.

— Select the Chromecast device you want to reset.

— That will show you the basic set of settings for the device. Tap on the Menu button to pull up this screen:

Chromecast Factory Reset

— Then tap on Reboot Chromecast or Factory reset Chromecast. I’d suggest trying a reboot first, as with many computer issues, and then a factory reset if the reboot hasn’t helped.

I’ve tried this out and both these actions happen quickly, and setting up the Chromecast again fresh is a breeze too.

According to Google Support’s Chromecast FAQ page, there is also a way to do the factory reset by just holding down the button on the Chromecast. That method did not work for me.

I should mention by the way that I’ve had no major issues at all with the two Chromecasts we are using in my house. It’s good to know these options are around though.

I spotted this tip via a post by Kellex at Droid Life.

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